About the website

The website is only in danish.

It has several hundred sketches, all made on Ford Fiesta parts. The homepage covers Ford Fiesta mark 1 and mark 2, with 1,0 and 1,1 engine.

Under Reservedele- identifikation you can find sketches with meassures. It make it possibel to check spareparts if they fits or not. Some spareparts from Ford Escort looks like the one on Fiesta, but don`t fit.

Under Lyd

You can hear the different sounds, on different places on the engine.

Beklædning/doorcoverRemoving the doorcoverbeklædning
Billeder/PicturesPictures of Fiesta partsbillederkølerhovedbremsecylindervippetøj
IdentifikationPictures with meassuresGeneratorkardankølerbærearm
LinksLinks to usefull home pages
Låse/lockExplanation about the lockslåsnøgle
Lyd/soundFinding error with soundpumpehøjtaler
Sikkerhedssele/safety beltFotos of safety beltsikkerhedsselesikkerhedssele
Tænding/ignitionAdjusting the ignitionstrømfordelerplatiner
Ventiler/ValveAdjusting the valvestopstykkevippetøj